About Us

We will maintain the pride of a world class product
Korea’s main steel product production company Daechang Solution
Hidden champion that creates new for a dream,, Daechang Solution
Daechang Solution has grown in to a steel material production company that represents Korea by continuously accumulating technology and developing new products since the foundation in 1953.
Daechang Solution Inc. has refining facility to produce special steel and high-quality alloy steel, and is highly trusted by the customers in quality and technology by operating state of the art testing equipment. Based on outstanding production system and high quality, we are the first to cast and export container to transport and store nuclear plant waste of Canada, and also registered as a key partner for global companies such as GE or Caterpillar. Over the last 70 years, we have become a trustworthy partner for clients from all over the world that require highly durable material even in extreme environments, such as ship engine, large generator, marine plant, wind power generator, LNG plant, steel manufacturing, etc. We will continue to look into the future, think deeply, and work hard to contribute towards creating a safer and prosperous world.

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